About Us

RulingEveryDay was birthed by music enthusiasts who are professionals in brand strategy, digital media and music business. Pioneered by Tunji Eniola as the principal. Having a background filled with music and an artistic influence and a love for music so strong it hurts to see a very melodic country spewing of talents in various genres such as ours owning the largest entertainment market in Africa and yet lack a proper structure. Hence making it difficult for upcoming artists to understand the entertainment sphere.

One of our many aims is to help upcoming artists. We are here to fill that gap, create self-awareness among music lovers and performers. We are here to build an audience in all genres for musicians and fans, also among DJs, producers, music distributors, engineers, promoters, record labels, publicists and A&R.

RulingEveryDay will also feature listings, directories, price-lists, tools, products, and services amongst other knowledgeable details that will help you navigate the industry and grow your career.